Los Angeles County Surf Racing Team

L.A. County Surf Racing is the team that represents Los Angeles County lifeguards in regional and national life saving sports events.  It is supported by volunteer efforts and is a key component of developing safety personnel skills and knowledge.  Members must be Los Angeles County lifeguards or alumni – additional information on how to become a team member are located below.  The team competes in a variety of events throughout the year, many of which are open to the public and to which LACoSLSA provides support.


Surf Racing Team Mission 

The goal of having a Surf Racing Team is to generate an experienced, motivated and enthusiastic group of competitors, all of whom have an equal opportunity to benefit from increased sponsorship, revenue and competition opportunities. Lifeguards who give their time and effort to assist the team and help raise funds shall benefit most for their effort. All lifeguards and alumni who fulfill the requirements will make the LA County Surf Racing Team.


What Does Team Status Get You?

Benefits vary by year, depending upon the location of the National Championships and the Team’s fundraising efforts. Since LACoSLSA is hosting the National Lifeguard Championships, our fundraising will ensure we can put on the best event possible. Those guards who qualify for Surf Racing Team status will receive a team uniform, customized team gear and access to Nationals team activities. Even if not participating in Nationals, guards who meet the team requirements are eligible for many other benefits including team events, stipends towards international exchanges and competitions, and other incentives.


How Do You Qualify for Team Status?

Volunteer at least 4 hours at one of our Fundraising events AND Compete in Life Saving Races at one or more of the scheduled events.